Photovoltaic modules

Mankind will face a big problem that is linked with the consumption of electricity. Raw materials for electricity production are depleted, leading to increased price of electricity for consumption. At the same time there is environmental pollution during its production. Therefore, paying more attention to the production of electricity from renewable energy sources. One way of producing electricity from renewable energy is through photovoltaic panels. This energy produced is clean, no pollution. In its production does not emit harmful emissions. They use solar energy to generate electricity. Used mainly silicon crystals. Systems may be used for both private homes and for industrial purposes. Under Bulgarian law, anyone possessing photovoltaic system for electricity, can sell this electricity energy for energy companies in the country. There are also subsidized by the state for implementation of photovoltaic systems, European funds and programs. The development of these systems will evolve more and more.

Photovoltaic systems can provide partial or total energy per household, depending on the number (respectively surface) of the installed modules. By installing batteries can store electricity for times when the panels produce electricity, but it isn’t consumed. User can use energy from photovoltaic panels or grid depending on when this energy is available from the panel or not receiving power from them. This ensures a relative independence and economy of electricity to the consumer.